UI Design, UX Wire Frames


Role:Mobile UI Lead

Clear Channel Communications started a digital branch called iHeartRadio.  I was the number three creative on the team, working under Creative Director, Josh Klenert.  I owned mobile UI design for the iPhone and iPad apps.

The Challenge

When I started work on the iHeartRadio app the iPhone was brand new, and the potential was limitless.  I had to learn from our app developer how to efficiently design for iOS, and what elements could or could not be customized in the SDK.  The Apple Human Interface guidelines were my only published resource, and it was necessary to study and learn every page of it.         

The Process

Once launched, the popularity of the app grew rapidly.  Our QA team gathered User analytics and testing data, allowing us to fine tune the design and make feature decisions.  Eventually, the app was brought to iPad.

We conceptually designed the iPad version before anyone had actually seen or touched an iPad.  Apple was secretive about the specs, so we white-boarded our ideas without knowing exact screen dimensions.  The larger format gave us space to present iHeartRadio proprietary content, creating a multimedia distribution channel for terrestrial and digital radio.