Jetaport Travel Planner

Creative Direction, UI Design, User Testing, UX Research, UX Wire Frames


Role:UX Manager

Jetaport is a travel industry startup with a focus on group travel booking.  It is a one-stop shop for flights, hotels, and shared itineraries.

The Challenge

For a group travel event to be successful, many things need to happen in a specific order.  First, there’s the “idea” of the trip, then a destination is selected, people are invited, tickets are booked, hotel rooms reserved… and finally, the payoff!  Jetaport disrupted this flow by building a platform where all of the steps could be easily visualized and checked off in a single app.    

The Process

When I joined Jetaport as Design Director, I was surprised by how little was known about our Users.  Their personas needed to be defined, and Survey Monkey helped me to do that.  With 10 or so questions I could identify our primary and secondary Users, based on their role in the group travel experience.  The takeaway personas became “Leading Lisa – the trip initiator”, and “Travelmate Tom – the accompanying friend.”     

The Solution

The 2013 Jetaport solution was a throw back to the glory days of flying – think MadMen era.  The website allowed for flight and hotel searching (powered by Expedia) and automatically integrated bookings into the “Trip Planner” shared itinerary.