Healthcare Portal

Creative Direction, UI Design, UX Wire Frames

Client:Remedy Systems

Role:UX/Visual Design Lead

Remedy Systems is a healthcare payment management startup that aims to reduce hospital re-admittance by improving the relationship between patient/family/and hospital throughout an episode of care (i.e. – a knee replacement).

The Challenge

I was contracted to develop the UI for a product that would allow patients and family to interactively monitor their experience throughout surgery and rehabilitation, while utilizing an administrative ” patient navigator” that would assist in the various transitions.  The product had 3 distinct users: patients, patient navigators (PN), and primary care physicians.      

The Process

After consulting with the startup’s stakeholders, developers, and physician advisors, I created a detailed User Flow that outlined the expected functionality of the app for each user type.  There were multiple versions of this flow respective to our MVP expectations vs. the complete multi-phase development.  I created UI wireframes for each functional stage, and ultimately arrived at a final Visual Styling for the application.  I managed all aspects of the UI planning and design implementation.