Risk Modeler Game

Creative Direction, User Testing, UX Research, UX Wire Frames


Role:UX Manager

The Risk Modeler Game presents Supply Chain Risk Managers with global risk event scenarios.  Managers must identify risk factors within those scenarios, and assess the risk factor impact, likelihood, and velocity.  The result is a Risk Model showing the interconnectedness of their global risk factors.

The Challenge

The Risk Modeler Game originated as a very unexciting survey.  My mission was to transform that experience into an app-based game.  The most significant challenge was creating input modules that could capture the same information as the survey questions, while also reducing the time demand of the survey.

The Process

A game is like a choose-your-own adventure book.  There are multiple paths and multiple outcomes.  Using the underlying survey as my outline, I storyboarded the Risk Modeler Game.  Each section represented a scene, and eventually the scene content was designed to fit the story.

The Solution

The final version of the Risk Modeler Game is one of my proudest in UX design.  The design is a nod to TRON, providing a futuristic, dystopian aura for the User.  The game sequence and input modules were tested and iterated on successfully.  All in all, this was a win for the design team and it gave our executive something special to showcase.