Data Optimizer

UI Design, UX Research, UX Wire Frames

Client:Slimware Utilities (IAC)

Role:UX Lead

I worked with Slimware Utilities (IAC) to help them audit and redesign their suite of Windows applications.  The SlimCleaner was one of those applications, and unique because it was the first app in the suite that was migrated from Windows to Android.  I also led the migration effort and designed the mobile version shown here.

The Challenge

Our computers and mobile devices can quickly become overwhelmed by big data and bulky files.  The SlimCleaner is designed to identify and locate files and data that can be removed from the device, without affecting functionality.  Slimware Utilities wanted to bring their Windows version to the Android marketplace, which necessitated a design and functionality review.  The core challenge was to streamline the feature set for the mobile view port, and align the design aesthetics with Android’s native best practices.              

The Process

The Windows version of SlimCleaner was packed with features, and the fluid dimensions of the app allowed for plenty of design real estate.  My team had to establish a baseline feature set that pertained only to the Android experience.

To do this, we looked at how phone storage was presented in native operating system settings, including iOS.  We also established our competitive baseline by analyzing other “cleaner” style apps in the marketplace.

Cleanliness was key.  Our SlimCleaner interface was free of clunky graphics, obstructive advertising, and allowed the User to accomplish their goals without being visually overwhelmed.