Supply Chain Mgmt

Creative Direction, User Testing, UX Wire Frames


Role:UX Manager

For a Supply Chain Risk manager, there are many events that can disrupt the flow of goods from one location to another: Natural disaster, Government regulation, Civil unrest.  The Supply Chain Management app monitors all of a companies suppliers, and scrapes news feeds and other media to determine which Risk Factors are active, and which suppliers are effected.

The Challenge

The Supply Chain Management app is for the User that needs an actionable and dynamic dashboard view of their organization’s supply chain risk.  To design this solution the team overcame many challenges, such as developing multi-dimensional interactive charts, creating data-rich map views, and configuring a review workflow that integrates with live data streams.      

The Process

This mobile app is a derivative from a desktop and tablet edition.  We created a feature matrix to ensure that the mobile feature set matched the mobile use case, maintaining consistent value for the User.  Messaging and Alerting were the primary mobile uses, which allowed us to simply or exclude visualizations and data sets that lent themselves to “exploratory” uses.      

The Solution

A highlight feature of the mobile Supply Chain Management app is the dashboard, which combines a global map view with an expandable list panel.  The list panel allows the User to dive deeper into their content, without losing the map context.  The messaging and alerting features are easily mastered since they play off of existing iOS messaging and alerting functionality.