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Executive Summary

Sealed is a climate tech company on a mission to stop home energy waste and electrify all homes. The Home Energy Calculator project was a pivotal growth product for Sealed, aimed at increasing brand awareness, subscriber volume, and providing value to users that are not yet custyomers. Under my leadership, the project was executed within a 5-month timeline and involved key stakeholders from Marketing, Product, and the C-suite. The project successfully increased email CTR by nearly 10% and organic MQLs by 6%.


Company: Sealed.com

Project type: Growth product, mobile web

Timeline: 5 months

Role: Director of Creative Strategy


Strategic Alignment

The project was aligned with Sealed’s broader business goals of expanding brand awareness and engaging with potential customers outside the service area. It also aimed to be an authoritative educational resource about home energy waste and HVAC upgrades, fulfilling a market need.


Problem Statement

The project goal was to solve three key challenges:

  1. Lack of educational resources for the target audience.
  2. Limited engagement with potential customers outside the service area.
  3. Low brand awareness for Sealed.

Target Audience

Who: Single-family homeowners with homes built before 2000.

Needs and Pain Points: Learning about home energy efficiency and improving home temperature comfort (HVAC)

Research Methods: Surveys, Customer Service data, and Forrester research were employed to deeply understand these challenges.


Ideation and Conceptualization

Leadership in ideation: Led Design Thinking framework sessions involving key stakeholders. Utilized an Effort/Impact matrix to prioritize high-impact, low-effort ideas.

Key Features Decided:

  • Gamification of learning
  • Personalized experience
  • Shareability
  • Data-driven approach

Design Process Leadership

Methodology: Adopted a Lean-UX approach with dual-track Agile development.

Design Leadership:

  • Conducted initial stakeholder meetings.
  • Managed tasks and milestones using Asana.
  • Facilitated collaboration through Miro, Figma, and Asana.
  • Made executive decisions to resolve stakeholder conflicts.

User Testing and Feedback

Leadership in User Testing:

  • Designed a three-phase user testing strategy.
  • Collaborated with the Analytics lead to place event listeners.
  • Managed feedback collection through Asana.

Key Findings and Iterations:

  • Technical glitches and UI errors were identified and corrected.
  • Added explanatory sections based on user feedback.

Final Solution and Impact

Final Product: An interactive, educational tool for homeowners to learn about energy efficiency.


  • Increased email CTR by nearly 10%.
  • 6% increase in organic MQLs attributed to the Home Energy Calculator.

Reflection and Leadership Takeaways

Major Successes: Successfully led the company’s first growth product development, meeting all set goals.

Challenges and Solutions: Navigated resource limitations by making strategic feature prioritizations.

Leadership Learnings: Importance of maintaining team momentum through pace-setting, weekly stand-ups, and providing positive supportive energy.

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