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About me

Head of UX & Design.

15+ years of experience in digital product design.  Past accomplishments include lecturing at Noble Desktop (NYC) on the principles of User-centered Design, earning a design patent through KPMG, and bringing the first iHeartRadio app experience to fruition.

My Expertise

Design Methodology

``Design Thinking.`` Quite the buzzword these days, though often misunderstood. It all begins with establishing Goals and Objectives, and understanding that YOU are not the User. An organization that has reached UX Maturity will see Design Thinking methodologies in practice across all teams, not just the creatives. Through this approach, critical product features reveal themselves, and ensure that end solutions align with Stakeholder and User needs.

Design Management

A multidisciplinary design team can include researchers, prototypers, visual designers, UX designers, and even an element of front-end development. Connecting these talents via organized processes and empathic leadership is my passion. And a finely-tuned team will evangelize the benefits of Design Thinking throughout an organization, elevating the problem-solving efficiency for all.

Qualitative & Quantitative

Great design does not exist in a vacuum. Without external feedback the most ``perfect`` UI cannot be validated or measured. As an organization shifts their product perspective from ``inside-out`` to ``outside-in``, they are able to empathize more clearly with end users. Aiding in this refocusing is ``clean data`` - an objective source of truth, and a north star in its own right. By collecting and aggregating qualitative and quantitative data about users and usage, design initiatives become more protected from the sway of opinion and ego.


Marketing, Product, Engineering/development - how do we bring a team to consensus? And don't forget the Customer. Early involvement and process transparency is the answer. Socializing the creative experience will result in collaborative solutions, which reduce buy-in resistance and ensure that all stakeholders are heard.

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