"Think outside the box, but solve within it."

Strategic Design:

If the Design function within an organization is not clearly contributing to increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and expanding Market Share, it is not reaching its full strategic potential. With my industry-wide experience in defining and realizing UX vision roadmaps, I lead design initiatives that delight users, minimize implementation costs, and enhance the perceived value of the product. I help transform reactive, tactical design teams into strategic assets that prove their ROI. Let’s go.


Visionary Thinking

I set clear, compelling visions for the design direction, while encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and being open to exploring new design methodologies and tools.


Strategic Alignment

By ensuring that every design decision aligns with the company’s goals and user needs, I bridge design, engineering, marketing, and other departments to create a cohesive product experience.


Fostering Creativity

Through mentorship, guidance, feedback, and developmental opportunities, I create an environment where designers feel empowered to take risks and innovate.

UX Metrics

Are you DTV ?

Designing to Value is often associated with industrial product experiences, but it is equally suited for digital. It is a business methodology that focuses on designing products to meet specific customer needs and value perceptions.

Achieving a UX Vision is the height of DTV, and measuring how we get there is just as important as achieving the goal. My Success metrics reflect the completion of UX Vision milestones. Progress metrics measure our steps toward success. And Problem Value metrics help us assign a monetary cost to current UX issues.

UX Roadmap

Define the vision .

If a company achieves its mission, whose life is made better, and how? The answer to this question will help us establish the UX Vision. By working backwards from an aspirational outcome, we can audit the “current” experience and determine what needs to be improved and optimized in order to achieve the goal. High level initiatives become milestones, which guide incremental progress throughout the epics and sprints. We align our focus by what we’re working on now, next, and later.

iOS App

Surprise and delight .

Sometimes we have to get uncomfortable to create a memorable experience. That was the case with this interactive game for KPMG’s supply chain risk monitoring team. It was a unique project to lead, with the brief calling for avant-garde designs, despite very conservative brand guidelines.

Project highlights from my recent work

Home Energy Calculator
Web app
Pharma Marketplace
Procurement platform
Marketing Portal + Admin
Asset management platform

Social proof .

  • Andy Frank
    "Andrew made sure the Sealed brand was always the star - all I ever had to do was describe my business goals, and he would translate that into a beautiful and consistent creative outcome."
    Andy FrankFounder - Sealed Inc.
  • Nicholas Langworth
    "I've known Andrew for over a decade. He's a true creative with a passion for the craft. If a project isn't a fit for Big Spaceship, I send it his way."
    Nicholas LangworthVP - Big Spaceship
  • Victoria Brolin Berg
    “As a creative, working with Andrew has been a real pleasure. He has a strong dedication to creating strategic design experiences that both drive conversions and uphold brand integrity. As a leader, Andrew’s approachable nature encourages open communication and idea sharing, creating an efficient and unified team.”
    Victoria Brolin BergDesigner - GW Studios
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