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    Problem solving through discovery.


About me

Head of UX & Design.

I draw on more than 15 years of experience in the User-centered design space.  Currently, I am Head of Design at GraphiteRx, a venture-backed pharma/procurement startup.  Past accomplishments include serving on the advisory panel for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, lecturing at Noble Desktop (NYC) on the principles of User-centered Design, earning a design patent through KPMG, and bringing the first iHeartRadio app experience to fruition.   While often an “army-of-one”, I also manage design teams in both on-site and remote projects.

My Expertise

Design Methodology

There is more to UX than simple wire frames. It begins with setting Goals and Objectives, and identifying the User. Through Task Analysis, critical product features will reveal themselves, and ensure that the end solution aligns with stakeholder and User requirements.

Visual design

The look and feel of a digital product is as important as the functional experience. Visual design has always been a part of my expression, and I continue to exercise that by styling my wireframes into high res comps, and through Creative Direction.

User testing

Great design does not exist in a vacuum. Without external feedback the most ``perfect`` UI cannot be validated. I test early, and often. In the long run it saves time and money, and always makes for a better product.


Marketing, Product, Engineering/development - how do you get all these people to reach a consensus? And lets not forget the Client... the answer is early involvement. Conducting ``design sessions`` and utilizing tools like InVision can ensure that everyone has a voice in the design process.

The breakdown

My skills

User-centered Design Principles95%
Design Team Management88%
Agile Workflow89%
User Testing 92%

Some of the best.

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