Pharma Product & Branding

In 2020 I joined a little-known pharmaceutical startup, backed by Lool Ventures and Bowery Capital. Its mission is to lower drug costs for all, by democratizing the procurement process and cutting out the “middlemen” (McKesson, Cardinal). Mark Cuban also shares this vision, and his Cost Plus Drugs wholesale initiative is now powered by this startup.

As the Head of Product Design, my purview extended beyond the core product and included pitch decks, explainer videos, marketing collateral, the .com marketing website, and more. While my biggest challenges were in solving procurement workflow optimizations, I had the most fun establishing the brand look and feel.

Pop-culture brands are synonymous with “new and exciting”, especially in industries like cannabis or music distribution. But making a pharmaceutical procurement company look fresh and modern is a unique hurdle. Luckily, the competitive bar was low (think early 90’s web design), and my team took full advantage of the opportunity.


Client: Confidential

My role: Head of Product Design

Date: 2020

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