Risk modeler game

KPMG’s Risk Modeler Game is one of my favorite projects. I led the UX and design effort, alongside our senior economist and engineering director.

The game originated as a static survey, aiming to collect input data from supply chain risk managers. The data was then used to train an AI model for analyzing qualitative risk events (fuel shortages, civil unrest, etc). My directive was to transform the survey into a robust digital experience, and showcase the future-forward aspirations of KPMG’s risk monitoring services.

To play the game, a risk officer is presented with a scenario (such as a military invasion) and asked to identify all related risk events. Once the risk events are identified, the officer defines 4 dimensions for each risk: velocity, impact, likelihood, and connectivity to other risk events.

When a collection of scenarios are completed, the result is an interactive nebula of risk event data, helping supply chain managers visualize the interrelatedness of global threats, and gauge how quickly they must act to mitigate the effects.

The game was popular at trade shows and sales presentations, and allowed KPMG to demonstrate their burgeoning AI technology.


Client: KPMG

My role: UX Manager / Creative Director

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